Integrity Charter School X National City


Filipinos of South Bay Exhibit X Chula Vista


Quarantined Organic Cellophane Wall for the backyard boogie.

Old school ways in the new school days

Watermoon Studios x Pac Rim Fest x Marleez Koffee Hibiscus Mural x Dr. Des x Cardenas Arnis Filipino Martial Arts x Kwento x Desco x Guro Iz

At the WriterzBlok with the old school crew, flexing the trigger fingers. Favor x Desco x Kwento x Megaz

Getting the family involved with some “Barangay Love LA PAZ” San Marcelino, Zambales Philippines Trip- Amigable x Andres x Inocencio1

On Display at the Muramid Museum in Oceanside. Inocenc1o


Live at the Bayside Arts Festival/Port Pier Wine & Spirits Event

sandz X inocencio114183892_10210296694162606_1051574328490591396_n

Performance Strength Lab, Santee. Inocencio1 x Inocencio2


Southwestern Community College Pagkakaisa’s Gising Na “PILIPINX CULTURE NIGHT”

Kwento X Inocencio1

National City Public Library turned Minecraft Park -Inocencio1


SE x Encanto Mega1 x DJ Lubeanz

FullSizeRender-15.jpgWriterz Blok 19×04 Desco X Inocencio1


San Diego Balboa Park Centennial Philippine-American Celebration. Inocencio X Sandz X Mike PST X Mon X Skips


Balboa Park Centennial Philippine American Celebration Balboa Park Centennial Philippine American Celebration

District 6 1st Annual Night Market. Inocencio1 X Sandz X JayDee X Mr. Temps


Asian Cultural Fest ’15. Art by Inocencio1


National City Utility Box at the crossroads of Highland Ave and Plaza Blvd. Art by Martino X Inocencio1


The Filipino Sun Festival. Art by Inocencio1


The Writerz Blok San Diego. Kicking it 90’s style with Desko X Mega1


Library Triptych “Tres Lobos”. Art by Inocencio1


3 Elementary School Bungalows. Inocencio X Flansta X Spic1


Filipino American Fest. Inocencio X Cess X Whamo X Desko X Des1519 X Stripe1


Dedication piece  T.J. Alcantara ’94. Desko X Seduce1


“Our Community Mural” Wside Chula Vista. Art by Inocencio X Flanagan X CVESD X Boys&Girls Club. https://animoto.com/play/HPzCPW3o5Tr3Kb1Zz1dPDg

IMG_0070     FullSizeRender-5


Culture Shock San Diego. Art by Romali X Inocencio X Kwento X Vreal1

FullSizeRender-5 copy

Culture Shock1. Art by Seduce X Romali X Zales X Favor X Huerto X Mega1

FullSizeRender-5 copy 2

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